Admin User Guide

Admin User Guide


  1. Users should fill in all the details required on the Sign-Up form to create an admin account. Users should also remember their domain ( to log in to their admin account. 

Verification Email

  1. Once the user registers, an auto-generated email is sent to the user, providing them with a confirmation link to verify themselves. Once the user clicks on the verification link, the system verifies the user and prepares the environment of the web application for the user's use.
Domain Link 

  1. When the web application environment is ready, the user will receive an email as shown above with the user's domain link. It is adviced for the users to remember their respective domain links.


  1. The user is then prompted to the login page. The user should fill in their username and password to log in to their account.
Main Dashboard

  1. Upon logging in, the user will be redirected to the main dashboard. The features offered to admins are as follows: 
    1. Make subscriptions for their employees
    2. View company invoices
    3. Managing employees and their departments
    4. Monitoring Check-In Dashboard 
    5. Monitoring Travel Dashboard
    6. Monitor Check-In details of the employees in the organization
    7. Monitor Travel details of the employees in the organization
    8. Manage their clients according to departments
    9. Manage their projects according to individuals or departments 
    10. Generate Analytical Reports

  1. To make a subscription, the user should click the subscription tab on the navigation bar which will prompt the subscription form. The admin has to fill in the number of subscriptions, choose between monthly and yearly subscription as well as fill in the promo code. The promo code would be sent via email upon sign-ups and the code is a single-use promo code. So, company's should consider subscribing to a large number of users. The promo code allows them to subscribe to as many users as they want as long as they select a one-year subscription. Upon submitting the details, the system would display the receipt of the purchase which is to be made by the user. The user should then check the receipt to see if the purchase details are correct before hitting submit payment. If the purchase details are accurate, the user should hit the submit button tab which prompts the payment gateway. The user then has a variety of online banking options to choose from to pay.

  1. Once the payment is made, it will be stored on the company's invoice.

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